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Founder & Chief Scientist

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Dr. Judah has a Ph.D. in Fire Dynamics & Disaster management. With over 40 years of experience, he started by setting up fire fighting systems within the marine industry. Some consist of the installation of Fire Flooding System in cargo holds for bunkers and tankers. He's been invited to major oil refineries to come to aid and mitigate fire risk. He's also helped the Indonesian Air force fight its peatland fires.

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Judah Jay, Fire Terminator manufactures environmentally preferred fire extinguishers. Since then, the factory has produced over hundreds of millions of liters to aid countries affected by raging fires.



Business Developer

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Jetfire Xin is one of the few businessmen who possess integrity, honesty, and professionalism as well as compassion in his work and for the community for whom he delivers products and services. His personal and professional sacrifices that make our world better and brighter, are part of his unsung legacy. He is selfless and self-motivated. He is a leader who gets inspired by others doing great things.

Jetfire will do everything in his power to impact billions of lives by providing the only solution that will solve the fire crisis around the world.

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