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To understand how it works, you must first understand the basics of fire.

In order for a fire to be created, Four components are necessary to create the "fire triangle":

fuel, oxygen, heat and

a Chemical Reaction.


Most firefighting agents extinguish fires by removing one of the Four components, mainly oxygen.


But FIRE TERMINATOR inhibits the fire by interfering at the molecular level, produces free radicals to disrupt the combustion chain, this neutralizing the fire.


The free radicals create the aero-dynamics that prevent re-ignition.


Fire Terminator captures the fuel source and uses its free radical to break down the molecular structure of any combustible goods.

Why is it more effective than
water, any conventional foam
& fire extinguishers?
Why water can't extinguish fires. 

Water boils at 100°c and evaporates 110°c. No matter the class of fire, if it reaches above 350°c, water will turn into steam.


There are 3 issues with water.


1. Water can’t stop class B-C-D-K and Forest fires.


2. Water can increase the fire! How?

Water is made of H2O.


Depending on the fire, there can be electrolysis of water. Where water is separated into hydrogen gas and oxygen.


Those separate elements will therefore fuel the fire even more.

(hydrogen fuel + oxygen + live fire = intense fire)


3. Water dries off like no one’s business. You would always need to reapply to keep the area wet in order to slow the fire.


If you've done military survival training the first thing they teach you is how to make a fire which cannot be extinguished with rain.

Why Foam & fire extinguishers
can't truly extinguish fires. 

Fire Extinguishers are meant to provide a safe way out and not to put out 100% of every fire. The basis behind a Foam and fire extinguishers are the following: 

Covering the surface of the fire to suffocate it by removing oxygen. 

As we all know oxygen is readily available across the globe, therefore by using conventional extinguishing methods firefighters would need to pump in foam after foam, in order to keep that blanket alive because once the blanket is separated the fire will reignite. Currently most foams contains hydrocarbons derivative ingredients which is toxic and at a certain temperature will support the fire or be incinerated. 


For those reasons, we see so many news about fires taking days and weeks to be extinguished. 

See conventional foam; reigniting after 18 mins while
fire Terminator cannot be reignited even 4 hours after extinguishment and no Foam blanket. 
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