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The main causes of fires during construction include; Onsite Cooking, Heaters, Hot Work, Smoking and Flammable Materials. To prevent these unnecessary fires, infuse or coat construction materials (wood, brick, etc.) to make them fireproof and even construct fireproof buildings with Fire Terminator Solutions.

Fire Terminator can help the construction industry by providing a highly effective and efficient solution for fire protection. It is a fast-acting and reliable fire suppressant that can quickly extinguish fires, preventing them from spreading and causing damage to structures and equipment.

This makes Fire Terminator an ideal solution for use in the construction industry, where there are many potential fire hazards such as welding, cutting and other hot work processes, electrical equipment, and the use of flammable materials.

By using Fire Terminator, construction companies can ensure that their sites are protected against fires, reducing the risk of damage, injury and financial loss. Additionally, because Fire Terminator is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution, it is also safe for workers and the environment.

In short, Fire Terminator provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for fire protection in the construction industry, helping companies to keep their workers, equipment and structures safe, and to reduce the risk of fire-related losses.

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