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Commercial Fires

According to the NFPA, there are about 37,000 fires at industrial or manufacturing facilities each year. This alone results in $1 billion in property damage annually as well as an average of 18 deaths and 279 injuries. With the help of Fire Terminator solutions, lives and properties can be easily saved. Store our liquid in fire sprinklers. When there is a fire, our liquid can mix itself with water and extinguish any fire that occurs in the building.

Commercial fires are still a problem due to several reasons:
  1. No Proper Fire Safety Measures: Many commercial buildings, particularly older structures, may not have adequate fire safety measures in place such as smoke alarms, fire suppression systems, and emergency exits.

  2. Electrical Hazards: Poor electrical wiring and equipment can lead to electrical fires in commercial buildings.

  3. Human Error: Many fires are caused by human error such as carelessness with smoking materials, failure to properly store flammable materials, and improperly using heating equipment.

  4. Fire Code Violations: Violations of fire codes, such as blocking exit doors, can increase the risk of fire and make it difficult for people to escape in the event of a fire.

  5. Natural Causes: Natural disasters such as earthquakes and lightning strikes can also cause fires in commercial buildings.

These factors pose a threat to the safety of employees, customers, and the building itself, and can result in significant property damage, business interruption, and legal liability.

Fire Terminator can provide a solution to commercial fires by instantly stopping and preventing the spread of fires, thus reducing the damage caused by the fire. This can save the commercial property from extensive fire damage and minimize the downtime of the business, leading to a quicker and more efficient resolution of the fire incident. Additionally, Fire Terminator is a safer alternative to traditional fire suppression methods, reducing the risk of harm to people and the environment. By using Fire Terminator, commercial properties can protect their assets, reduce losses, and improve their overall safety measures against fires.

Fire Terminator is a fire suppression product that extinguishes fires by producing free radicals when it comes into contact with a burning surface. The free radicals neutralize the combustion molecules, preventing and stopping the fire instantly. The product is able to suppress all types of fires, including oil tank fires, residential fires, and any industrial fires. Its unique technology and effectiveness make it a valuable tool for the construction industry, oil and gas industry, and other commercial sectors. Fire Terminator is easy to use, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, providing a safe and effective solution for fire suppression.

Oil & Gas
86 trillion dollar industry

The oil & gas industry loses billions of dollars every year due to fire hazards. Currently, one of the main industry issues consist of the foams they use to extinguish the oil fires. Once discharged it will mix and often contaminate the oil. In addition, the toxic foams that are being used, they supports burn back, if the foam blanket separates or disappears the fire will reignite.


When you extinguish the fire with JN 1010 the fire will no longer reignite even if there's no foam blanket. Furthermore, you are also able to recycle the oil with a filtration machine and use it.

Automatic extinguishing system

Modern oil tanks has an automatic sprinkler system which has been installed to mitigate the risk as much as possible. If they had FT JN 1010 installed, they would be able to extinguish the fire in less than a minute. We could also mix the oil and JN 1010 to make it fireproof to mitigate risk during ship, pipeline and truck transportation. Arrived to destination, we could utilize and filtration machine to separate JN 1010 from oil for use.

Property Owners
water sprinkler system

Current sprinkler system only discharge water, over the course of our website we've showcased that water cannot extinguish a fire due to various components. You need more than just water! By incorporating JN 1010 into your central fire sprinkler system, you will be able to automatically extinguish any fires in seconds.

Depending on the size of the building, we would install a couple of IBC (1000L) tanks that will be connected to the central fire sprinkler system via a T joint. Once the sprinkler system opens, it will automatically pull the liquid and mix at the desired ratio to instantly extinguish the fire.

sprinkler problem

Corrosion is a huge problem with many metal sprinkler pipes, they can block the pipes, and cause the fire to blow bigger. How? When water, oxygen and metal are present together, there's an electrolysis of water reaction which takes place, water will separate into hydrogen gas and oxygen. Those two elements build up, and are ready to be discharged. Once the sprinklers open, those gases will come out first and increase the fire.

What about fungi and molds?

JN 1010 or any Fire Terminator Solutions does not cause any fungi or mold. Which could be great for storage and discharge within various settings. For environmental purposes, we need the growth of fungi to keep the ecosystem running. Fire Terminator solutions once mixed with water will biodegrade within 5 days. Therefore, the growth of fungi won't be affected by our solution.

Fire Insurance $58.49 billion industry

Insurance first started in 1750 BC to protect against loss due to fires. Since then, this industry is growing at a rapid pace. Estimate shows this industry growing at an 11.9% CAGR from 2021-2028 to 120 Billion dollars. Fire Insurance has been created because no one has ever had a solution which could help them control the combustion molecules, and fire is the most unpredictable element. With the help of Fire Terminator we are able to control any fires, therefore mitigate any fire risk, thus be able to help decrease residential and commercial insurance premiums. 

what insurance can't provide!

Other than money, insurance companies can't give you back all the memories, pictures and sentimental belongings which are in your home. They will use your fears to get you to purchase insurance but to be honest something's are more valuable than money because memories and old pictures cannot be bought even with a trillion dollars.

Why lose everything, get a sum of money and then pay more premium on your renewal? When with Fire Terminator you can prevent and extinguish the fire to protect all your valuables, all your irreplaceable pictures and memories!

More than just money

Losing your home entirely to a fire can be very hard psychologically because we've worked all our lives, build so many memories and had so many first. Having everything gone overnight isn't the best feeling for anyone! For some of us we'd rather let the fire consume a little part, and jump in, to extinguish it rather than leaving the house to watch the fire burn the entire place.

For the ones who will fight to keep everything they have, here at Fire Terminator, we want to support you! 

Recycling Centers
A fire hard to extinguish

During the recycling process, the materials are condensed and stored. When the condensed fuel catch on fire, it is very hard to extinguish because it acts like an oven furnace. Most of the time reaching above 600 degrees Celsius. The hardest part is finding which section is on fire because everything is packed and stacked, all we can see is smoke coming out.

"It can take more than a week to extinguish this kind of fire!". - Fire Captain R. Fosse

extinguish & prevent it

Water can't extinguish fires above 300°c because it evaporates at 110°c. If you don't spray onto the right area, the heat will also dry the surrounding wet cardboard. When you spray JN 1010 to a surface, that surface will no longer ignite, therefore you will be able to focus your efforts on finding the source of the fire and putting it out.


JN 1010 negates the combustion molecules, therefore interfering with the burning. The free radicals create an aerodynamic shield which prevents the fire from igniting with the coated area.

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