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As global warming makes the earth hotter and dryer, we are seeing an unprecedented number of fires each year due to the harmful effects of climate change. These fires aren’t stopping and are only getting stronger every year. As fire-fighting mediums become more and more of a necessity, studies show that the current firefighting solutions contain Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) which are also known as forever chemicals. PFAS are persistent and lead to bioaccumulation not only in nature but also within the human body. The bioaccumulation of forever chemicals (PFAS) will lead to all kinds of organ failures and cancers, recent research shows that "70% of all firefighters will die from cancer".

All of our products are eco-friendly. This means that none of our products harm the environment, and we can support the sustainability of our planet while in use.

Our solution is biodegradable, meaning that it can safely decompose on land without harming the earth.

Fire Terminator Solutions are plant-based. Our liquid is made up of mainly plants and mineral salts.

Our product is nontoxic meaning that it does not contain any poisonous substances.


As we all know, mother nature is suffering from devastating fires, in order to mitigate the losses of animals, vegetations, and lives. We need to interfere and be able to control all fires. Dr. Judah Jay founder of Fire Terminator International Pte Ltd created a 100% green biotechnology that does not contain any PFAS or significant heavy metals. As a plant derivative solution, this new and unique firefighting medium will lower the rate of cancer and put a stop to the bioaccumulation of PFAS.


In conclusion, the effects of global warming are obvious and apparent in our world today. As a community, we fail to educate others on the severity of climate change and its long-lasting effects on our ecosystem. A step in the right direction is the prevention of forest fires. We, Fire Terminator, have the answer!


Together we can save the planet, lives & properties while being

eco-friendly by using Fire Terminator solutions.

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